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My debut novel releases August 11, 2017, but it’s already available for preorder at most online retailers!



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Betrayal of the Band is the story of Zoey Harris, Justin Conrad, and Sawyer Mahon and the summer when they almost lost everything—their friendships, their relationships, and most importantly, their band.

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Still available here is the FREE serialized story, The Two Worlds of Sydnee Cameron.

Rich tomboy Sydnee Cameron is trying to figure out relationships. How can things stay the same with her best friend when she’s crushing on him? Why does she always seem to be a “secret friend”? And will she ever earn her mother’s approval when she’d rather wear basketball shoes than high heels? Maybe turning thirteen will solve her problems. Or just create new ones. Click on the Sydnee Cameron page for the latest episode from The Two Worlds of Sydnee Cameron.

If it’s not fiction you’re into, but my awesome, eloquent opinions, check out the Reviews & Interviews page for my thoughts and my 16-year-old daughter Rebekah and 13-year-old daughter Elizabeth’s thoughts on books, movies, and music, with the occasional author interview. And on the Randomness page . . . well, I think the title speaks for itself. You never know what you’ll find me talking about there. Spiritual reflections, exercise anecdotes, dogs and kids free to a good home.

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