About Me

I write Christian fiction for teens while riding out the eight months of winter in North Pole, Alaska. Yep, I live in the same town as Santa Claus. He asks about my writing when I see him. Hear that, publishers? I’ve got an “in” with Santa. I could put in a good word for you . . .

Most of my stories take place in Texas. Or California. I can’t imagine why I’d want to write about some place sunny while miles of snow hide my grass. I mostly write about normal, contemporary life with all its problems—death, hiding from the past, kissing the wrong girl (or the right girl). No vampires, schools of witchcraft, or other worlds, at least not yet.

In real life, I homeschool my five kids, baby-sit other people’s kids, turn yarn into Christmas gifts, volunteer at my church, run a few miles, and cook three or four meals a week. I rarely do laundry or clean. That’s what my husband’s for, right?

In my hours and hours of spare time, I write. My imaginary friends keep me sane and awake. If it wasn’t for all their drama, I’d fall asleep when I sat down at the computer. Someday soon, I hope to introduce you to them all. Until then, get to know Sydnee Cameron and her friends, my oldest, most loved characters.