Cast of Characters

Sydnee Cameron


Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’6”

Age: Almost 13


Background: For rich girl, Sydnee Cameron, life is a constant jump between two worlds—the life of the rich and famous and the land of the free. When her mother isn’t insulting Sydnee’s looks, she’s ignoring her. But Sydnee’s more comfortable living with her parents’ housekeeper and caretaker, David and Candy Clayton, who treat her just like their own three kids. Despite feeling like part of the Clayton family, Sydnee doesn’t feel a sisterly affection for Chris Clayton. Instead, she’s crushing on Chris who has been her best friend since third grade. But that’s becoming complicated when Sydnee questions why their friendship doesn’t extend to church. Money can buy a basketball court in Sydnee’s backyard, but what she really wants is friends.


Christopher “Chris” Clayton


Hair: Blond

Eyes: Gray-blue

Height: 5’7”

Age: Almost 14


Background: Chris Clayton has grown up on the wrong side of the fence at the Cameron mansion, but since they officially met in third-grade, Sydnee Cameron hasn’t had trouble scaling that wall, and now everything is changing between them. Chris was used to keeping his friendship with Sydnee confined to the Cameron estate, but as Sydnee breaks down more walls, he’s being forced to confront the definitions of their relationship. Is he willing to change to let things change?


David Clayton


Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6’3”

Age: 32


Background: David’s been entrusted with the care of the Cameron estate as well as the oldest Cameron daughter, Sydnee. She’s like a daughter to him, and he treats her no differently than his own three children. However, as the relationships among the kids change, David’s parenting techniques will require a reexamination, and he’ll be spending a lot more time praying for direction in how to raise all the children God’s entrusted to him.


Candace Candy” Clayton


Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Gray

Height: 5’2”

Age: 32


Background: Like her husband, Candy feels the God-given burden of raising more than just her own three children. Her heart aches over the emotional abuse Sydnee’s mother inflicts, but money and influence can hide a multitude of sins, so Candy fights back with what she has—loving arms.


Elizabeth Clayton


Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’2”

Age: 12


Background: Elizabeth doesn’t understand why Sydnee chooses to share a room with her instead of sleeping in the Cameron mansion. She’d give anything to be a Cameron, or at least have her own cell phone. But maybe Sydnee’s choice has more to do with Elizabeth’s brother. Eww.


James “Jamie” Clayton


Hair: White-blond

Eyes: Bright blue

Height: 36”

Age: 5


Background: Jamie’s the baby of the family, but he can’t wait to start kindergarten in the fall like his big brother and sister. He’d like to go to school with Sydnee, since he’s going to marry her when he grows up, because she’s not his sister.


Noelle Cameron


Hair: A shade of blonde, but never its real shade

Eyes: Green

Height: 5’1”

Age: Guess, but shoot low, forgetting how old Sydnee is.


Background: Noelle isn’t fond of northern Illinois, but she’s trapped there, in a house full of guilty reminders, and her older daughter, Sydnee, is one of them. Noelle’s determined to keep her past from haunting her, so she leaves Illinois every fall, taking her younger daughter with her, under the guise of escaping the cold winters. She returns for important social engagements with her husband, Harold, who has political aspirations.


Harold Cameron


Hair: Graying brown

Eyes: Slate blue

Height: 6’

Age: 37


Background: Lawyer Harold Cameron is biding his time before running for political office. Technically, he lives on the Cameron estate with Sydnee, but his law practice is in Chicago and late nights force him to crash at a nearby apartment in the city. At least he can trust the help to take care of Sydnee, and she doesn’t seem to mind either. In fact, the kid is turning out pretty good, maybe better than his daughter Jessica.


Jessica Cameron


Hair: Usually the same blonde shade-of-the-month as her mother’s

Eyes: Blue-Green

Height: 5’

Age: 11


Background: Like mother, like daughter, Jessica is a carbon copy of Noelle. Though she attends an exclusive, private school near her grandparents in Georgia, Jessica fits in with the rich Illinois crowd as well. She might be younger than Sydnee, but at least she understands that knowing the right people matters. If you pay a person’s salary, that person can never be “the right people.”


Jaxon Braddock


Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Cat-green

Height: 5’5”

Age: 13


Background: Jaxon is Sydnee’s oldest friend, and her only friend among her parents’ rich friends. Jaxon and Sydnee have ridden to school together since third grade. But like Sydnee’s relationship with Chris, Jaxon doesn’t acknowledge her publicly at school or parties. However, he will seek her out privately and hang out with her. He prefers her over the stuck-up girls he’s usually around, admiring her bravery at nonconformity. But he’s not brave enough himself to risk his reputation by being seen with the school freak.


Abby Stewart


Hair: Curly, red

Eyes: Gray-green

Height: 5’3”

Age: 13


Background: Abby is the new girl. Set up with Sydnee by the youth minister, Abby eagerly embraces the friendship. They don’t have a lot in common—Abby’s inherited her mother’s artistic talent, and Sydnee thinks Sudoku is a fun way to spend a Saturday night—but Abby’s a loyal friend. She’ll learn to understand basketball for Sydnee’s sake. Or at least pretend to like it while picking out the cutest guy on the team—Dean Larkin.


Andy Stewart


Hair: Messy, red

Eyes: Gray-green

Height: 5’9”

Age: 14


Background: New to town, gangly and awkward, Andy isn’t shy, though he wishes his ears wouldn’t betray his emotions so easily. He quickly fits in with the basketball boys, but despite his height, Andy’s not a very good player. His sister’s new best friend, Sydnee, catches his interest. She’s hot, can play basketball better than any of the guys, and likes baseball. Unfortunately, she’s into another guy. Not too surprising. Girls don’t notice Andy. But at least Sydnee’s nice to him, even though his ears light up whenever he talks to her.


Dean Larkin


Hair: Dark, crew cut

Eyes: Tea-colored

Height: 5’5”

Age: 13


Background: Dean is Chris’s best-friend-since-kindergarten. An excellent ball-handler, Dean is the strongest basketball player of the group. He’s also the quietest. He avoids most of the junior high drama, being more interested in sports than girls. Abby Stewart has a crush on him, but he doesn’t have a clue.