Year One Episodes List

Episode 1: Winners and Losers


Meet Sydnee Cameron, almost thirteen and trying to find balance between basketball shoes and party dresses, and between love and friendship.


Episode 2: Those Are the Lines


Sydnee Cameron feels like Chris Clayton is her only friend, but sometimes his actions leave her questioning their friendship.


Episode 3: Fourth of July


It’s the Fourth of July and Sydnee’s traded in her basketball for a party dress. Is it enough to find a friend for a few hours?


Episode 4: Lock-In, Locked Out


Sydnee Cameron attends her first youth group lock-in with her new friend Abby, but the call of a basketball game puts all her friendships at risk.


Episode 5: Best Worst Birthday Ever


With her best friend Chris not speaking to her, Sydnee Cameron’s birthday is off to a depressing start. But birthdays are a time for wishes to come true.


Episode 6: Beach Weekend


Before Sydnee Cameron figures out her new relationship with Chris, she’s dragged on a family vacation that includes Jaxon Braddock.


Episode 7: New Girl, New Rules


It’s Sydnee Cameron’s first day at Taylor Junior High, and Chris shares the rules of public school. But he forgets “don’t insult my basketball teammates.”


Episode 8: Secrets Will Haunt You


Sydnee Cameron’s keeping secrets: Jaxon and his homework, her relationship with Chris, Chris being blackmailed. And secrets are always revealed.


Episode 9: The Truth Will Set You Free . . . Or Get You in Trouble


Sydnee Cameron’s tired of Elizabeth blackmailing Chris, but she’s afraid putting an end to it will cost too much.


Episode 10: Sydnee vs. the Monster


Sydnee Cameron trusts her boyfriend. Really. Even if he’s studying with his ex-girlfriend, Kayla.


Episode 11: Taking Sides


Since breaking up with Chris, Sydnee Cameron fears she’s broken up with most of her friends too. But there’s one thing she won’t give up—basketball.


Episode 12: Sydnee vs. the Monster Round 2


Halloween’s the time to hunt down ghosts, and Sydnee Cameron’s ready to take down what’s been haunting her.


Episode 13: Relationships in Mathematical Proportions


Sydnee Cameron loves math because it lacks drama. Usually. But in junior high, all equations get more complicated.


Episode 14: Seeking Uncomplicated Fun


Sydnee Cameron decided to accept Jax’s invitation to his party. But will this drive a further wedge into her friendship with Chris?


Episode 15: A Little Christmas Drama


Sydnee Cameron loses her Christmas joy after a basketball game and a role as Santa’s elf.


Episode 16: An Incredulous Christmas


For Christmas, Sydnee Cameron wants her friend Abby speaking to her again. Gaining her mother’s approval would be nice too. But Santa’s not a magic genie.


Episode 17: Discovered and Lost


Sydnee Cameron’s chance to model has elevated her above her sister for once in her mother’s eyes. But can Sydnee pay the price to stay there?


Episode 18: Surviving Expectations


Everyone’s counting on Sydnee Cameron this basketball season. But will she destroy their hopes and expectations her first night on the court?


Episode 19: Basketball and Valentines


Sydnee Cameron’s not caving to the pressure of Valentine’s Day. But basketball often has a way of dribbling into her heart.


Episode 20: Like Weeds


The social media-spread rumors about Sydnee Cameron are so crazy that one one could ever believe them . . . right?


Episode 21: Justice and Victory


The Chatterling rumors about Sydnee Cameron continue, but she finally learns the name of a surprising participant.


Episode 22: Spring Break


Sydnee Cameron’s off to her grandparents house in Florida for spring break. Can the sunshine heal the wounds left by the Chatterling rumors?


Episode 23: Reality Games


Sydnee Cameron and Chris Clayton help an old friend of Chris’s dad with work on his house, but Chris thinks he’s suspicious.


Episode 24: Upside Down World


Sydnee Cameron prepares for her mother to reveal the worst summer plans. But her summer takes a shocking, unexpected flip.